With a lot of variety of resources, It becomes hard to choose and make a decision. Finding the optimum fastener indeed is a challenging task. Staples or Nails? It would help if you made a choice.


With the help of a pneumatic tool, staples give a strong base to the floor making the plywood secure. While using staples, we can cover 500 sq feet of flooring. The best part is that they are affordable and easy to load.


Nails are active in higher movement areas. This implies nails are useful in the nails are effective in humid areas. They can also help in smooth insertion. However, it can take a long while inserting the pins.


Both Staples and Nails are subjected to pros and cons. Flooring Staples provide a firm grip. However, they may slip down when it comes to expanding and contracting of the floor. However, staples are less costly in comparison to the nails.

However, we need to consider the long term durability and finishing and flooring of the floor, while making a final call.


Even in hardwoods, there is a different kind of options by which we can select — some of these options include oak, maple and hickory.


When it comes to choosing or selecting the type of flooring, we need to make the best choice. Hardwood flooring can be considered as a good option. Such kind of flooring has got many advantages. It is easy to install and clean. Moreover, it is active/durable and can provide a good high-quality appearance along with better room acoustics.


Before proceeding the process for installation, we must take into some degree of precautions. We need to follow a proper way to handle the tools. In some unforeseen cases, there can also be some form of damage spoiling the floorboards. Also, you must ensure to keep the children away from the tools. Wearing an eye protection mask can also be considered as a viable option.

Also, it is essential to check the exact size and shape of the nails and staples before actually applying them. In case of harder wood which is the most preferred flooring, a thinner fastener would be the best choice to make.


While flooring, we make use of a lot of grinding and machines. As a result, it is essential to take care of every little minute detail. We need to take into consideration the setting of the air pressure is set correctly. Due to high intensity, the nails can drive fast, thereby causing cracks on the floorboard.


Selection of the wood 

Why is hardwood the best?

Hardwood comes with lots of benefits :

Durable: It won’t capture any dust particles

Low Maintenance: Hardwood floors are easy to maintain. It is easy to clean and wipe off any dirt or material from the floor.

Natural Look: Simple and elegant looks the best. It is clean, natural and straightforward. No artificial designs or materials are mixed.

Cost-Effective: Also, wood is something that is a cost-effective solution for flooring. It is cost-effective as compared to other materials such as tiles, marbles, carpeting, etc.


Resoluteness between staples and nails

The debate is an age-old science. But there is no perfect fit for one or any differentiation between which is better can be made. It depends on your preference and choice.

The most crucial point which falls into place is that the way you are using it. Both the fasteners are valuable provided the set procedure is being followed.

At last, we conclude that :

  1. The sub-floor has to be in good condition
  2. Also, framing a nailing schedule can be a useful measure practiced.
  3. The quality of wood does matter.